H1B Third Lottery 2024 Date, H1B Visa Latest News, USCIS, Results, Chances, Status

H1B Third Lottery 2024 – Check out the details about the H1B Visa Lottery 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Round Registration, Status, Documents, and Results from this article. Different information regarding the H1B Visa Lottery 2024 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Round Registration, Status, Documents, Results, and other significant details are included in this article.

H1B Visa Lottery 2024

H1b is a temporary work visa issued by the United States Government. The H1B Visa allows employers to hire foreign (non-US) workers with specialized skills for a fixed duration. Since the H1B Visa Lottery announcement, the USCIS has been receiving a large number of applications for the H1B Visa. However, the H1B Visa Lottery applicants can only be received once a year. The regular H1B Visa Cap allows up to 65,000 allotments annually. In addition, the Master Cap allows an additional 20,000 visa allotments annually. The additional Master’s cap is for Master’s Degree holders. After submitting the applications for the H1B Visa, the authorities will process the applications, and the selections will be based on a lottery process.

H1B Visa Lottery Status 2024

NameH1B Visa Lottery
CountryUnited States
Administering BodyUSCIS
TypeTemporary non-immigrant Worker Visa
H1B Visa Cap65,000 annually
H1B Visa Master CapAdditional 20,000
Registration Fee10 dollars
Stay Periodup to 3 years
Stay Period Extended up tototal 6 years

H1B Visa Lottery 1st 2nd 3rd Round Registration 2024

Firstly, applicants applying for the H1B Visa must ensure that they are fulfilling all the eligibility requirements mentioned by the USCIS. The complete list of eligibility criteria and its related aspects are available on the authorized web portal of the USCIS. Generally, a Bachelor’s or higher degree or its equivalent qualification is the minimum eligibility condition for a particular post.

To register for the 1st 2nd and 3rd rounds of the H1B Visa Lottery, check these steps-

  • Go to the authorized web portal of the USCIS.
  • Go to Tools and open myUSCIS.
  • Create an online account using the Sign Up option.
  • Verify the email/phone number and select the account type – Registrant/Petitioner/Legal Representative.
  • Press “Next” and select “File a registration.”
  • Kindly read all the instructions and eligibility details before applying.
  • Click Start and enter all the necessary information, such as details about the Employer Agent, beneficiary, and authorized signatory.

Review and pay $10 and submit the application. After you successfully submit, a message regarding the successful submission will appear.

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H1B Visa Lottery Status 2024

The status and account-related activity can be checked from the status option. For this, applicants can click on “Go to my Cases” to check the status. The dashboard will appear, which will show three statuses –


  • It means that the application has been submitted.
  • The submitted status means that the applications will stay in regard till the end of the fiscal year.


  • It means that the application of the individual has been selected to file a petition.
  • Individuals who are selected must file a petition within 90 days.

Denied (Duplicated)

  • It means that more than 1 registration was filed on behalf of the registrant.

Not Selected

  • It means that the submitted registrations are not selected for H1B visas.

H1B Visa Lottery Documents 2024

After petitions, applicants will have to complete a couple of processes, including a DS-160 form, paying the visa application fee, and booking & attending appointments for Biometrics and in-person interviews. At the time of the interview, the following documents must be carried –

  • Valid Passports (if any).
  • Visa application confirmation
  • Appointment confirmation
  • H1B Visa Approval Notice
  • Employment Offer letter from the H1B Sponsor
  • Latest Resume
  • Copy of H1B LCA
  • Original Educational Certificates

After verifying all the information, the H1B Visa will be approved. Further information regarding the H1B Visa Documents can be learned by visiting USCIS’ authorized web portal.

H1B Third Lottery 2024

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that it will not conduct a third lottery for H1B cap visas, for the financial year ending September 30, 2024 (FY 2024). This quashes the dreams of those aspirants who were hoping for a last chance at being selected in the lottery.

USCIS has stated that it has received a sufficient number of H-1B cap applications to reach the annual quota of 85,000 (which includes the 20,000 Master’s cap quota, set aside for applicants with an advanced US educational qualification).

H1B Visa Lottery Results 2024

The lottery results will be notified by the USCIS through the preferred means (given at the time of the registration). Additionally, applicants can also check the dashboard of their online myUSCIS account to learn the H1B Visa Lottery Result. Usually, the submitted registration for the H1B Visa exceeds the cap. The USCIS conducts an initial selection process and selects the candidates on a lottery basis.

The selected applicants will be invited to file a petition (within a specific time frame). Whereas applicants who weren’t selected will have to wait for the next registrations to open. They should frequently check the authorized web portal of the USCIS to receive timely updates regarding the H1B Visa.

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