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USA Federal Holidays 2024: The United States Federal Government will observe Federal Holidays in 2024. Since the conclusion of the year 2023, people have been anticipating upcoming USA federal Holidays in 2024. The USA Public Holidays 2024 Calendar was presented in this article. We have also mentioned information on the upcoming Federal Holidays 2024 as well as the USA Month Wise Holidays 2024. Please consult the article linked below for the most up-to-date information on national and other holidays.

Federal Holidays 2024

  • The US Federal Government maintains a list of 11 Government Holidays that all employees must observe. These are the days when non-essential national offices are closed but employees are still paid. The United States Congress, which has sole jurisdiction to declare holidays, has named the USA National Holidays 2024. On holidays, banks, private organizations, businesses, schools, and markets are all closed. State and city holidays, in addition to National Holidays, may be honored in various sections of the country.
  • The USA Federal Holidays 2024 will begin on January 1, 2024 with New Year’s Day and end on December 25, 2024 with Christmas Day. People are concerned about what will happen if the Federal Holiday falls on a non-working day in 2023. In this scenario, the government has stated that if the National Holiday falls on Saturday, it will be observed on Friday, the day before, and if it falls on Sunday, it will be celebrated on Monday, the day after. We have put all of the information about the list of holidays for the years 2023 and 2024 in one post.

Federal Holidays 2024 Benefits

  • Federal Holidays provide the citizens a chance to come together and celebrate their shared values as a single nation.
  • The economy gets boosted as people get a chance to spend their money on travel, dining, and entertainment.
  • The morale and productivity of the employees get boosted.
  • The businesses get a chance to increase their sales.
  • The holiday gives a chance to the employees to relax and lighten up themselves.

Federal Holiday 2024 USA

Date Day Holiday 
January 1, 2024Monday New Year 
January 15, 2024Monday Martin Luther King’s Birthday 
February 19, 2024Monday Washington’s Birthday
May 27. 2024Monday Memorial Day
June 19, 2024Wednesday July 4, 2024
July 4, 2024Thursday Independence Day 
September 2, 2024Monday Labor Day
October 14, 2024Monday Columbus Day
November 11, 2024Monday Veterans Day 
November 28, 2024Thursday Thanksgiving Day 
December 25, 2024Wednesday Christmas Day 

USA Holidays 2024 Observances

Date Day Holiday 
13 January 2024Saturday Stephen Foster Memorial Day 
1 February 2024Thursday National Freedom Day 
2 February 2024Friday Groundhog Day 
7 February 2024Wednesday National Girls and Women in Sports Day 
10 February 2024Saturday Lunar New Year 
13 February 2024Tuesday Shrove Tuesday 
14 February 2024Wednesday Valentines Day 
17 March 2024Sunday St Patrick’s Day
29 March 2024Friday National Vietnam War 
30 March 2024Saturday Doctors Day 
31 March 2024Sunday Easter 
15 April 2024Monday Tax day 
25 April 2024Thursday Take our Daughters and Sons to Work 
1 May 2024Wednesday Law Day 
1 May 2024WednesdayLoyalty Day 
8 May 2024WednesdayVictory in Europe Day 
12 May 2024Sunday Mothers Day 
6 June 2024Thursday D Day 
16 June 2024Sunday Fathers Day 
19 August 2024Monday National Aviation day 
11 September 2024Wednesday Patriot Day 
20 September 2024Friday National POW Day 
7 October 2024Monday Child health day 
29 November 2024Friday Native American Heritage Day 
15 December 2024Sunday Bill of Rights Day 
17 December 2024Tuesday Pan American Aviation Day 
17 December 2024Tuesday Wright Brothers Day 

Refer to the following table to know the dates on the USA Holidays 2024 which are due to some observances and shall not be called Federal Holidays.

USA Not A Public Holiday 2024

Date Day Event 
9 April 2024Sunday Easter Day 
18 May 2024Sunday Mothers Day 
14 June 2024Sunday Fathers Day 

Now some holidays are not public holidays but some celebrations are observed on these days. The Not A Public Holiday 2024 can be checked from the table below 

USA Regional Holiday 2024

Date Day Event
2 October 2024Monday Cabrini Day 
9 October 2024Monday US Indigenous Peoples Day 
24 November 2024Friday Day After Thanksgiving 
27 December 2024Wednesday Christmas Holiday 

The Regional Holiday 2024 is a public Holiday that is observed in all parts of the Nation. All the offices be it Business or Government are closed and the public transport is also reduced on this day.

USA Month Wise Holidays 2024

The Complete list of USA Month Wise Holidays 2024 has been detailed below in the calendar.

USA Holidays 2024 in January

Date Holiday Event 
1 Jan 2024New Year day 
6 Jan 2024Epiphany 
7 Jan 2024Orthodox Christmas Day 
13 Jan 2024Stephen Foster Memorial Day 
15 Jan 2024Martin Luther King Jr Day 
19 Jan 2024Robert E Lee’s Birthday 
25 Jan 2024Tu Bishvat 
29 Jan 2024Kansas Say 

USA Public Holidays 2024 February

Date Event 
12 Feb 2024Lincoln’s Birthday 
19 Feb 2024Daisy Gatson Bates Day 
19 Feb 2024Presidents Day 

USA Public Holidays 2024 March 

Date Event 
2 March 2024Texas Independence Day 
5 March 2024Town Meeting day 
17 March 2024Evacuation day 
18 March 2024Evacuation Day Observed 
25 March 2024Seward’s day 
26 March 2024Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day 
29 March 2024Good Friday 
31 March 2024Easter Sunday 

Federal Holidays 2024 April

Date Event 
1 April 2024Cesar Chavez Day 
15 April 2024Patriots day 
16 April 2024Emancipation Day 
21 April 2024San Jacinto Day 
26 April 2024Arbor Day 
29 April 2024Confederate Memorial Day 

Federal Holidays 2024 May 

8 May 2024Truman day 
10 May 2024Confederate Memorial Day 
12 May 2024Mother’s Day 
14 May 2024Primary Election Day 
27 May 2024Decoration Day 

Federal Holidays 2024 June 

Date Holiday 
2 June 2024Native American Day 
3 June 2024Jefferson Davis Birthday 
11 June 2024Kamehameha Day 
14 June 2024Juneteenth 
17 June 2024Juneteenth
19 June 2024Juneteenth
21 June 2023Juneteenth

Federal Holidays 2024 July

Date Holiday 
4 July 2024Independence Day 
24 July 2024Pioneer Day 

Federal Holidays 2024 August 

Date Event 
4 August 2024National Navajo Code Talkers Day 
12 August 2024Victory Day 
16 August 2024Bennington Battle Day 
18 August 2024National Navajo Code Talkers Day 
27 August 2024Lyndon Baines Johnson Day 

Federal Holidays 2024 September

Date Day 
2 September 2024Labor Day 
9 September 2024California Admission Day 
15 September 2024Constitution Commemoration Day 

Federal Holidays 2024 October

Date Event 
3 October 2024Rosh Hashanah 
7 October 2024Frances Xavier Cabrini Day 
12 October 2024Yom Kippur 
14 October 2024Columbus Day 
18 October 2024Alaska Day 
25 October 2024Nevada Day

Federal Holidays 2024 November 

Date Event 
5 November 2024Election day 
7 November 2024Return Day 
11 November 2024Veterans Day 
28 November 2024Thanksgiving day 
29 November 2024President’s day 
29 November 2024Native American Heritage Day 

Federal Holidays 2024 December

Date Day 
25 December 2024Christmas day 
31 December 2024New Years Eve 

Federal Holidays 2024 FAQs

Q. How many total Federal Holidays in 2024 are there?

Ans. There are a total of 11 Federal Holidays 2024 in the country.

Q. Which day is celebrated as the President’s Day?

Ans. 19th February 2024 will be celebrated as the Presidents Day.

Q. Which day is America’s Day 2024?

Ans. 4 July 2024 will be celebrated as America’s Day 2024.

Q. What if the National Holiday falls on Sunday?

Ans. In case the National Holiday Falls on Sunday, then Monday will be celebrated as a Holiday.

Q. What is the purpose of Federal Holiday 2024?

Ans. The main purpose of Federal Holiday 2024 is to boost the economy and increase the sales of businessmen and is the day when the whole nation comes and celebrates.

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