Trillium Payment Dates April 2024, Ontario Trillium Benefit Dates, Lump-Sum Amount

Trillium Payment Dates 2024 – The expectations of government benefit payouts typically serve as an indicator of financial security in the field of fiscal planning. As we approach 2024, Ontario citizens are excitedly awaiting the announcement of Trillium payment dates, wondering about the Ontario Trillium Benefit timetable, and intrigued by the idea of lump-sum sums. The Ontario Trillium Benefit is a cornerstone of the province’s commitment to delivering economic relief by combining tax credits and grants to assist individuals and families.

This blog will be your guide through the intricate aspects of Trillium payments in 2024. Join us as we untangle the Ontario Trillium Benefit dates, throw light on the lump sum, and equip you to confidently navigate the financial currents.

Trillium Payment Dates 2024

The Trillium benefit amount is a social program administered by the province of Ontario to assist low- and middle-income households with the cost of energy and other taxes. Except when it happens on a weekend or a legislative holiday, the Trillium Payment Dates 2024 take place on the tenth of every month. In these cases, the OTB payment date shall be the last working day before the tenth.

The next Trillium benefit installments are scheduled for January 10, February 9, and March 8, 2024. You can choose to receive your OTB payment via direct deposit or check. This ensures that the benefit money is distributed quickly and on time. This article contains more information about the Trillium Payment Dates 2024 and related factors.

What is Trillium Payment 2024?

The Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) is one of the most important benefit programs available to residents of Ontario. It is a monthly payment received from the Ontario government. It helps low- to moderate-income people in Ontario pay their taxes and energy bills. Even if it is not a personal loan, you must apply to receive the benefit.

The Ontario Trillium Benefit combines Ontario’s energy credits, sales tax credits, and energy and property tax credits. As a result, the benefit attempts to cover energy costs, a portion of property taxes, and sales tax exemptions. A family might receive up to $265, however a single person could only receive up to $172.

Trillium Payment Dates 2024 Overview

Article NameTrillium Payment Dates 2024
Responsible AgencyCanada Revenue Agency
PlaceOntario, Canada
AimTo provide medium-low income families to cover their taxes.
Trillium Payment Dates10th of every month in an FY
CRA Online PortalClick Here

Trillium Payment Amount 2024

The combined OSTC limit for adults and children in 2023/2024 is $345. Your benefit is reduced by 4% of your adjusted household net income, which for single persons without children is $26,535 and for parents is $33,169.

You can find out how much credit you could obtain based on the conditions stated in the table below.

CriteriaMaximum Trillium Credit Amount
18-64 years old$1,194
65-65+ old$1,360
Living in a Public Long-term care home$265
Students living in designated academic institutions$25

Your OTB can be used to pay off any CRA debts for unpaid taxes or other perks. If there are any leftovers, they will be delivered to you.

Trillium Payment Lump Sum 2024

If you get any of the three tax credits that have been consolidated into the Ontario Trillium Benefit, the benefit year runs from July of one year to June 30 of the next year, based on data from your preceding year’s personal income tax return. If your payment is less than $360, you will get the full amount in July.

If your benefit exceeds $360, you will continue to receive OTB monthly installments, but you can also choose to receive a single lump-sum payment at the end of the OTB payment term. You can choose to receive one large payment instead of 12 monthly Ontario Trillium Benefit installments. The application must be submitted before December 23, 2023.

Trillium Payment Schedule 2024

The Trillium Payment is distributed on the tenth of each month. Trillium Payments are distributed from July to June of the following year. To reap the benefits of the system, all prospective recipients must file their taxes on time.

The table below contains the whole Trillium Payment Schedule for the remaining term of 2023-24 payments:

MonthPayment Dates
January, 202410th
February, 20249th
March, 20248th
April, 202410th
May, 202410th
June, 202410th
July, 202410th
August, 20249th
September, 202410th
October, 202310th
November, 20238th
December, 202310th

If you did not receive your payments on the specified OTB payment dates, you must wait 10 days before calling the CRA.

How to Apply for Trillium Benefits 2024?

To be considered for the Ontario Trillium Benefit, you must submit an ON-BEN Application Form, which is included in your tax return package, together with your personal Income Tax and Benefit Return each year. You will be immediately assessed for OTB eligibility when you file your income tax and benefit return.

As a result, to be qualified for the OTB, you must file your tax return for the previous year on time. Your OTB payment may be delayed if you file your taxes after the April 30 deadline. The Trillium benefits payment sums are not taxable.

Trillium Payment Dates 2024 FAQ

Q. When will I receive my OTB payment in January 2024?

Ans. You will get your OTB payment on the 10th of December 2024 via a direct transfer into your registered bank account. You will generally receive your OTB benefits on the 10th of every month.

Q. What is my OTB allowance?

Ans. The total of your three OTB entitlements is known as your OTB amount. You can calculate your expected annual benefit using the CRA Family Benefit Calculator. Thanks for staying on our portal and reading about Ontario Trillium Payment Benefits. If you are interested in more tax-related articles, then our portal can be the place for you.

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